Pandemic pressures city businesses

The impact of the pandemic has been larger for businesses in metropolitan areas and especially large in the New York City metropolitan area.  In April 2020, the number of people who were working and self-employed was down 13 percent outside of metropolitan areas, 21 percent in metropolitan areas, and 44 percent in the New York City area.

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On self-cultivation

…The gentleman maintains his own self-cultivation and so the world is at peace.  The problem with other people is that they abandon their own fields and weed the fields of others.  They demand much of others, while putting little responsibility on themselves.

Mengzi, 7B:32

On courage

Zilu said, “Does the gentleman admire courage?”

The Master said, “The gentleman admires rightness above all. A gentleman who possessed courage but lacked a sense of rightness would create political disorder, while a common person who possessed courage but lacked a sense of rightness would become a bandit.”

Confucius: Analects 17.23

On archery

The archer is in some ways similar to the superior man.  Upon missing the target they turn their gaze inward and seek the cause within themselves.

Confucius, Maintaining Perfect Balance

Accessing the internet in rural America

My new report on internet access in rural American is now available online.

In recent decades, rural economies have lagged their urban counterparts. Internet access may be of particular value for small businesses in rural areas, but access there remains lower. This issue brief analyzes recent survey data on internet subscriptions through three popular kinds of technology. Subscription rates in rural areas were lower for traditional broadband and mobile broadband services and higher for satellite services. Rates also varied substantially across rural areas, with subscription rates for traditional broadband services much lower in the South than in the upper Midwest. The geographic variation in subscription rates and the relationships between subscription rates for different technologies are argued to have policy implications.

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On anxiety

Sima Niu asked about the gentleman.

The Master replied, “The gentleman is free of anxiety and fear.”

“‘Free of anxiety and fear’ – is that all there is to being a gentleman?”

“If you can look inside yourself and find no faults, what cause is there for anxiety or fear?” 

Confucius: Analects 12.4

On being whatever you want to be

When it comes to business … and surviving in the ruthless Hobbesian jungle, where much more is winner-take-all than it once was, the idea that you can be whatever you want to be, or build whatever you want to build, is a sure path to a short, unhappy existence.

Eugene Wei, Invisible asymptotes